The Future of this Blog

I haven’t been blogging much lately because, well, I’m pretty lazy. And I haven’t had much free time. More truthfully though, I’ve lost my touch. There were some pretty big life changes, I got a job, for starters. My blogging habits took a pretty hard hit due to that.

Luckily, I’ve spent the last Saturday reformatting and re-installing OSes on two computers. Tiring and even frustrating as it was, it helped me get back in touch with the tech enthusiast in me. So I guess I’ll start blogging again.

All the same, I did some thinking about what this blog is all about, and there is some good/bad news.

Bad news first: This is not a tech blog. It is my tech blog. Meaning, I use this blog to archive my findings, my subjective opinions on all things tech. It is not really a place to find unbiased, objective hardcore tech info and certainly not Tech news, oh no. There are many good blogs out there which already do that and I don’t like doing tech news except for the occasional post where I’m genuinely interested in the information. It is also not a place to expect frequent updates

Good news: This is just a practice blog. Once I refine my writing style and get comfortable with blogging quality content with relative ease, I’ll create a new blog and move the non-personal content over there. That, will be a full-blown tech blog, and this will be my journal.

Now that that’s clear, well, I’m back! Smile